1.     The Context For A Strategy

A Strategy for the management of the game of Crown Green Bowling within the WWCBA responding to the Association’s commitment to the maintenance of behavioural standards as a prime objective.

The Strategy imposes responsibilities at all management levels within the national framework in which the game is played as follows:

  • It imposes self discipline on all bowlers playing within the auspices of the WWCBA.
  • It requires all bowlers to have respect at all times for their opponents, for referees and for selectors alike.
  • It requires all Member Clubs to ensure that their internal disciplinary rules are adhered to.
  • It charges all Member Clubs and Affiliated Clubs that do not currently have disciplinary rules to adopt appropriate rules.
  • It requires all Affiliated Leagues to have disciplinary rules within their formal constitutions and to submit copies of their Rules and Constitutions annually to the WWCBA.
  • It requires all bowlers playing in internal club events, in Affiliated League’s activities, in WWCBA league, cups and merit events, in Inter County (Senior, Junior, Veterans and Midlands Alliance) and finally in national competitions to respond in a positive way to this Strategy.

The Strategy has the full support of the WWCBA and its contents will be managed by those identified in the Strategy with a view to enhancing the image of the WWCBA and maintaining the integrity of the game.

2.     The Referees Society

The Referees Society has a key role to play in the pursuance of the Strategy. The Society will:

  • Organise seminars/forums at which key developments in the rules and interpretations of the rules will be debated thereby generating consistency in approach.
  • Arrange annually for referees examinations to be held to provide for more qualified referees who in turn will extend the base of consistency and influence.
  • Target clubs with no qualified referees.
  • Assemble a Core Group of referees who will:
  1. officiate, on a rota basis determined by the Referees Secretary, at all merit finals,
  2. officiate, at Senior, Junior, Veterans and Midlands Alliance County matches,
  3. officiate at finals and sub finals of competitions managed by Member Clubs where such competitions are required to be approved by the WWCBA,
  4. officiate at any other competitions which require the presence and involvement of qualified referees,
  5. pro-actively promote the services offered by the WWCBA Referees Society.

In response to a professional and pro-active refereeing service managed by the Referees Secretary host clubs are invited to provide a high level of support and hospitality to referees.

3.     The Competitions Sub Committee

The Competitions Sub Committee will provide a range of services responding to the multi-functional management responsibilities discharged on behalf of the WWCBA by the Competitions Officer including:

  • the identification of all sub final and final venues and early contact with host clubs, the identification of two members of the Competitions Sub Committee, together with a minimum of one other Officer/Member of the Management Committee, who collectively will be responsible for all aspects of a finals day including discipline. This arrangement will apply to all merit finals and selection will be on a rota basis thereby generating equality in involvement,
  • nominated Referees, Competitions Sub Committee Members and Officials will be identified in all pre-event documentation circulated by the Competitions Officer,
  • the availability of catering facilities, extended bar facilities, approved betting arrangements and liaison, at local level, with the Chief Constable,
  • the production of BCGBA Registration Cards by all competitors at sub final and final stages will be imposed, without exception, and this requirement will be set out in all pre-event documentation issued by the Competitions Officer,
  • the decision of the Officers and Members of the Competitions Sub Committee regarding conduct and any other aspect of finals days are to be responded to by host clubs expeditiously and without challenge.

4.     The County Selection Sub Committees

The County Selection Sub Committees (Senior, Junior and Veterans) have set good conduct high on their agendas. It is at this level of competition that the effectiveness of the Strategy will be regularly tested. Disciplinary matters at all County matches will be in the custody of the President, Deputy President, Team Managers and County Sub Committee members. These Officers and Members will work closely with formally appointed referees.

5.     Strategic Objectives

The Strategy seeks to eliminate:

  • foul and abusive language by players and/or spectators directed at other players and/or spectators,
  • foul and abusive language directed at Referees and other appointed Officers,
  • sledging, vociferous, intimidating behaviour directed at players with the apparent objective of securing unfair advantage,
  • any physical contact or challenge by any player or spectator directed towards the referee, and other player or spectator,
  • unacceptable churlish behaviour as perceived by others,
  • misuse of facilities specifically provided by host clubs for the general enjoyment of guests, spectators and players.

Players and/or spectators within the control of the WWCBA found guilty of misconduct, following a formal disciplinary hearing, will be suspended forthwith, the period determined by the Disciplinary Sub Committee.

The Strategy seeks finally to generate a climate of competitiveness, effective management, comfortable ambience and hospitable venues which may encourage sponsors to emerge in a positive way.

6.     Ownership Of The Strategy

The WWCBA is totally committed to enhancing the image of the Association. WWCBA is a leading county in terms of its ability, its geographical and numerical size, its extensive programme of activities and its management competence. WWCBA’s strengths are best demonstrated when representing the County at Inter County matches and/or national merits. The barriers which present themselves at league level disappear or are less obvious at County level and it is this climate of mutual support and trust which this Strategy is seeking to generate, and which should permeate our entire programme of activities.

The Strategy will be successful only with the full involvement and commitment of clubs. This was secured at the January 1995 AGM when the Strategy was endorsed by Member Clubs. The Strategy, which was modified in September 2004, is to be monitored by the Management Committee and reviewed and amended (if necessary) annually.

7.     Communication

Communication is vital. That is why all clubs are to display copies of the Strategy for the benefit of all players in their membership. Disciplinary matters will inevitably emerge. They will be dealt with by the Disciplinary Sub Committee in a positive yet fair way having full regard to antecedents and precedents. The Strategy however seeks to reduce the problem to a level which is consistent with the status of WWCBA.

8.     Acknowledgement

The Strategy was drafted by a Project Team of Officers and Management Committee Members. Correspondence on the Strategy should be referred to Chris Price (Association Secretary).





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